What are Satoshi's, Rare SATs, and Rings?


There are 100 million SATs in every Bitcoin. 1 SAT = 0.00000001 BTC. Satoshi's refers to parts of a Bitcoin, like Cents would refer to parts of a Dollar.

Special SAT types

These are Satoshi's (small parts of Bitcoin), that were involved in transaction with historical significance (like Pizza), or are special, because of when they we're created (like Uncommon).

Refer below for the descriptions of the different types available on Saturn.

Rings Token Standard

Rings refers to a new Token-Standard developed by Saturn.

The first token that will be released on this standard will be $RUG. Tied to the NFT-community with Ordinals "Bitcoin Rugs".

Multiple Ordinal-communities have been selected to be eligble for Airdrops of this new Token Standard.

For the full list, check the following channel in the Saturn discord: https://discord.com/channels/1136713785462227046/1190390772831375411

Early users of Saturn (that deposit a minimum amount of 100K Satoshi's (0.001 BTC) into their Trading Account, will also be eligble to receive Airdrops of this new Rings Token Standard.

A minimum deposit into a Trading Account on Saturn is required for anyone in the Collaboration Communities, that wants to receive the Rings token Airdrops. Please refer to Setting up Trading Account

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